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About us

Founded in 2013, MIKRO KALIP INC. has a 3000m2 closed area with its Mold Manufacturing Facility and Plastic Injection Facilities; It serves its customers from all sectors in a wide range, especially automotive, electrical and electronics, household appliances, computers, metal detectors.

MIKRO KALIP INC. , which has been maintaining its rapid growth momentum since its establishment, aims to provide the best service to its customers with its technology and innovation investments every year.

MIKRO KALIP INC. , one of Turkey leading mold manufacturing companies today; attaches importance to the dissemination of the understanding of excellence throughout the company. In the company culture, the happiness of the employees, customer-oriented service and satisfaction are essential.

Our vision

To provide the best service with our superior technology, quality service and competitive power for our global customers since the day we were founded.

To ensure the continuation of both the happiness of our employees and the satisfaction of our customers with technology and innovation-oriented solutions,  

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